Sunday, August 17, 2014

Scenes From a Long Run

I don't know how you feel about having long runs in your training plan, but I happen to love them. I purposely time them for the weekend so I can run without feeling rushed to get home. I like to enjoy long runs as much as possible because, quite honestly, running for more than five miles straight isn't exactly thrilling. But it can be somewhat entertaining if you pick the right route.

I happen to live in a bustling little beach town and at this time of year...well, there's a lot to look at. So I pick routes that take me right through the heart of it. The people watching is awesome but I can't be caught staring so I always wear my shades. 

Kidding. There's no time to stare when you're running, right? It was a sunny day and I hate having to squint. So, cool shades it was. (At least I think they're cool.)

First up: The train.

There's a wicked hill that's actually a bridge over the above tracks. I opted to run down it this weekend (in favor of another, equally challenging up hill in the back half of my run). As I approached the hill, I heard the train sound its alarm so I ran faster to see it. It's always kind if fun to be standing on the bridge when it passes underneath.

At the bottom, I found this sign:

There's always something going on in my little beach town. I see these signs a lot when I run this route because it shoots me down by the beach:

Apparently, I was up earlier than all the tourists. So nice to see a calm, quiet beach at this time of year! I guarantee it was bustling not long after I took this picture. Same goes for all the streets downtown.

Like the empty beach, it's rare to see empty sidewalks at this time of year! I love running through town when it's quiet. It becomes my town again and I don't to have to share it with the tourists.

Don't get me wrong, the tourists are totally welcome in these parts, it's just...louder when they're here. And harder to eat at all of our favorite restaurants—but it's never too hard to stop in Biggby for the obligatory post-run latte:

I purposely start my long runs in their parking lot. Yep, totally do.

So, but check this out :

My beloved Sayonaras are ripping. Literally, a hole is forming. It's go-time for new shoes. Like, seriously go-time.

Also go-time for an oil change, which is where I stopped on the way home. I stashed this Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond KIND bar in my wristlet because I knew I'd be hungry. 

Guys, buy this KIND bar if you see it in the store. It's no joke.

Question: How do you schedule your long runs? On the weekend or during the week? Why?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Does the world tell you who to be? (#pinspirationthursday)

Every once in a while, I open up Facebook and my feed explodes with the same post over and over again. One person posts it and everyone shares it. Usually this annoys me, but today, it was this little gem:

And of course, it's all over Pinterest, too. Original source? I have no idea, but I wish I did. Not only is it a beautiful's a beautiful message, too. Let's stop and think about it.

1) Remember when you were little and you had no interest in fashion magazines? Remember when you grew up and, all of a sudden, you needed to be and look like the models in fashion magazines or else you weren't real and true and worth accepting?

2) Remember when you went to college? And when you thought that a piece of paper would be the sole definer of your professional existence?

3) Remember when you went to your first Disney movie and the pretty princess met a prince (and some funny little animals)? Remember how you longed for your prince to find, save and validate you?

4) Remember when you didn't have a "smart" phone, and when the Instagram time-suck didn't exist? Remember when you weren't inundated with selfies that somehow challenged your self-esteem?

5) Remember when you used to, quite simply, play with friends? Remember when it became ever so important to play with (and consequently be like) the right friends or else your social existence would be nothing?

Can you remember who you were before you found these things? Before the world had such a profound hold on your existence. Before ads and movies and magazines—and even people—started to shape you? It's hard, right? Hard to remember the innocence of life uninfluenced. It's a constant thing, and it's virtually inescapable. We are always being influenced, even when we don't think so, which makes it harder and harder for us to be who we really are.

I challenge you: Stop and think about who you are. Put the phone down, close the magazines, turn off the television. Just...think. Lean into yourself and say "hello" to a person so unique, yet possibly so hidden.

Love that person, and let them shine.


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